The Joyful Vegan

Joyful Vegan Worldwide Online Conference

hosted by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau


Do you want to live ethically, eat healthfully, engage socially, and remain a joyful vegan? Then this global online conference is for you!

Price increases September 26, 2019!


Wherever you live, whatever time zone you’re in, and wherever you are on your journey, this event will help you live ethically, eat healthfully, engage socially, remain a joyful vegan—and help others do the same!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Start: 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET/2 p.m. GMT
End: 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET/10 p.m. GMT

From the comfort of your own home!

This may seem like a long time at the computer, but with our hour-long lunch break and several short breaks for stretching and standing up throughout the day, the time will fly, and you’ll wish you had more! 


In the 20 years I’ve been guiding people to become and stay vegan, I’ve learned that people stay vegan or stop being vegan depending on well they navigate the social, cultural, and emotional aspects of living vegan in a non-vegan world. 

In this worldwide, interactive, day-long, online conference, I’ll share my solutions and strategies for navigating and overcoming the most common challenges for remaining joyfully vegan in a non-vegan world, including:

  • cultivating healthy relationships and communication with non-vegan family members, friends, and co-workers

  • avoiding burnout 

  • sharing enthusiasm without it being mistaken for proselytizing

  • letting go of the pressure to be perfect

  • managing guilt, remorse, and anger

  • experiencing joy and peace of mind in a world that values convenience over compassion


An online even enables you to connect with participants from all around the globe from the comfort of your own home, while incurring no travel costs and reducing your environmental footprint. Even though this is an online event, we’re using sophisticated technology to shrink the digital distance between us so that we can engage, interact, and connect—not just you and me — but you, me, and all our fellow global participants. 

  • Real-time sessions with me (no pre-recorded content!)

  • Live chats

  • Q&A

  • Interactive exercises

  • Engaging polls and surveys (maybe call this something else since most folks might not think polls and surveys are “fun”) 

  • Prizes!


+ Where is Joyful Vegan Worldwide hosted?

As the name implies, Joyful Vegan Worldwide is an online, virtual conference—in real time! Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation to access the platform using the log-in link provided.

+ At what time is each session?

Check the schedule of the event below.

+ Can I watch the sessions after the event?

All sessions will be available to you on-demand for up to one year after the event.

+ Who should attend Joyful Vegan Worldwide?

Joyful Vegan Worldwide is ideal for vegetarians, vegans, pre-vegans, ex-vegans, plant-based individuals and anyone trying to manifest their values of compassion and wellness in their everyday lives—joyfully, effectively, and effortlessly.

+ Can I get a confirmation of my Joyful Vegan Worldwide registration?

Upon completing the online registration process, you will receive a confirmation email.

+ Can I ask questions during the online conference?

Yes, you’ll be able to raise your virtual hand to ask a question, and the team will pass them on to Colleen to answer, who will do so in real-time and be able to have a conversation with you. This will happen several times throughout the online event — both after specific sessions as well as in an open Q&A segment.

+ Do I need to attend the full conference or can I stop and start?

You can start or leave at anytime during the online conference. However, I recommend you attend the full, real-time conference on November 24th to take full advantage of the actual time we’ll spend together, to get your questions answered, to connect with other attendees, and even to win prizes (that will be awarded to those who engage the most and stay the longest).

+ I’ve attended your past conferences in California. Why is this one online?

With the release of my book, The Joyful Vegan and its related book tour, I didn’t have the bandwidth or time to dedicate to hosting / producing an in-person conference this year. However, people expressed enough interest in still engaging with the content in a meaningful way, so I’ve spent the last several months working on this special event. If it works well, I can imagine many more similar online events taking place over the next several years both in conjunction with and in place of in-person conferences.

+ How can I contact the online conference organizers?

If you have questions that have not been answered in the FAQs above, please contact us at


"I learned so much, especially about how to communicate effectively and how to have compassion for those whose actions go against my own values. Colleen is an amazing speaking and kept me engaged the entire time." 

"Colleen thinks so logically and articulates so beautifully what I want to say to others. She is the best teacher, guide, and mentor, and I love learning from her!"

"The content was so rich and engaging, and leaving the event with real, actionable goals was more than I expected! So valuable!”

"The incredible insight & teachings of Colleen! I came to learn, to ease my sorrow and anger, and figure out how to thrive in a non-vegan world I got so much more and feel grateful & renewed."

CPG Speaking


The LIVE, real-time, online sessions are based on the principles in my new book, The Joyful Vegan: How to Stay Vegan in a World That Wants You to Eat Meat, Dairy, and Eggs—principles that hold the key to understanding why some people become vegan in the first place and others don’t, why some people stay vegan, and why others stop being vegan altogether.

Why People Avoid Becoming Vegan In The First Place: “Don’t tell me; I don’t want to know” is a common refrain voiced by many of us who choose to remain blissfully unaware and willfully blind. In this session, we’ll get to the root of why people choose willful blindness rather than make a few changes that would better reflect their values and goals. Understanding these motivations will help us more effectively and compassionately engage with the general public, media, friends, family members, and co-workers.   

You Don’t Have to Be An Angry Vegan To Show That You Care: Anger, sorrow, grief, disenchantment, and despair are common threads in almost all of the vegan stories I hear. Burnout is common among vegans and animal advocates, and many become jaded, hopeless, self-righteous, and angry. Fortunately, it’s not a zero-sum game. We can be passionate, powerful, and productive without being misanthropic or self-destructive. We can be acutely aware, actively engaged, and happier and more effective as a result. We can decide at any given moment whether we want to be an angry vegan or a joyful vegan; the choice is ours. 

Vegan vs. Plant-Based: What’s the Difference and Does it Matter? Animal welfarists vs. animal liberationists; “ethical vegans” vs “health vegans”;  “vegan” vs “plant-based.” In this session, we talk about how being obsessed with our minor differences, we lose sight of our major goals. Tribal affiliation can provide communal strength and foster trust, cooperation, and even love. But tribalism’s negative aspects are in play when we make being vegan look like a club or a clique that’s exclusive to those who think and act exactly like we do, or when we perceive anyone who isn’t vegan (or a “real vegan”) as the enemy. 

How to Be Passionate without Proselytizing: Preachy. Pedantic. Dogmatic. Fanatical. Evangelical. Zealous. Militant. Sanctimonious. Judgmental. Holier-Than-Thou. Fervent. Fundamentalist. The descriptors for vegans are the same ones used for religious zealots, and indeed veganism is often likened to a cult. In this session, I address why vegans’ passion is often mistaken for zealotry and their earnestness is mistaken for proselytizing, and I offer suggestions for spotting and managing vegan fundamentalism, characterized by tribalism, rigidity, ideology, purity, close-mindedness, chauvinism, and hostility.



Joyful Vegan Worldwide is an interactive, online event hosted in real-time by vegan author and animal advocate Colleen Patrick-Goudreau that will provide the tools for navigating and overcoming the most common challenges to becoming and staying vegan.

Joyful Vegan Online Conference - General Admission
99.00 149.00


  • Participation in all of the day-long real-time sessions

  • All recorded sessions after the event ends

  • 20% discount for The Joyful Vegan book

  • All recorded sessions from 2018 Compassion in Action conference



Joyful Vegan Online Conference - VIP
199.00 249.00


  • Private one-on-one 30-minute post-event call with me (CPG)

  • Personal follow-up group call 3 months later and 6 months later with Colleen and other VIP attendees

  • Personalized, signed copy of The Joyful Vegan

  • Bonus content

  • Participation in all of the day-long real-time sessions

  • All recorded sessions after the event ends

  • All recorded sessions from 2018 Compassion in Action conference



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