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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has been producing and hosting her Food for Thought podcast for over eight years. The podcast airs every other Sunday. She is a contributor to NPR/KQED Radio, and through SoundCloud, she also creates powerful bite-size, shareable audio content.

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I'm so proud to have been contributing to KQED Radio for 11 years. My very first editorial was about having a turkey-free Thanksgiving, reminding listeners that 45 million turkeys are killed just for this one day. Eleven years later the same time of year, I return again to having a turkey-free Thanksgiving, reminding listeners that we don't have to choose between honoring tradition and adhering to our values.

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Most Recent Podcast Episode (11/16/14): American Vegan in London

Excited to share my trip to London in today's podcast episode, including my meals at vegan (and non-vegan) restaurants, my visits to animal memorials, and everything in between. In the next episode, I'll take you to Ireland with me, but for now, sit back and enjoy! I'm also including some questions from callers about the sustainability of salmon, how to buy a car without leather seats, and if it's okay to not pay for non-vegan food when dining with non-vegans. Many thanks to listeners and to AAVS and FakeMeats.com for sponsoring this episode.


At Colleen's Soundcloud page, you can enjoy bite-size audio messages, callers asking "What Would Colleen Do?, KQED radio editorials, and full Food for Thought podcast episodes. Listen below, or visit her Soundcloud page to listen, comment, and "follow" her to receive alerts about new content!

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