Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has been producing and hosting her Food for Thought podcast for over eight years. She is a contributor to NPR/KQED Radio, and through SoundCloud, she also creates powerful bite-size, shareable audio content.

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Most Recent Podcast Episode: Being the Vegan in the Room - Representing Veganism in a Joyful Way

In today's episode, I share with you a number of recent scenarios I found myself in where I had the opportunity to represent veganism and chose (choose) to do so in a positive way, whether it's ordering food in a non-vegan restaurant, dropping the "v" word into a non-vegan conversation, or meeting a friend of a friend who is on the Paleo (Pasturbation) diet. I also include a number of "What Would Colleen Do?" phone calls, including one that asks what I (as a vegan) feed my cats, one that asks about how to "be the vegan in the room" - or rather "in the workplace" - from a woman starting a new job, and one from a caller who wants to know how to engage with her mother, who has just been diagnosed with cancer and does want to hear about how a plant-based diet might help.

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