Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has been producing and hosting her Food for Thought podcast for over eight years. She is a contributor to NPR/KQED Radio, and through SoundCloud, she also creates powerful bite-size, shareable audio content.

Food for Thought Podcast

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Most Recent Podcast Episode (8/25/14): Indoor Cats with Outdoor Access

Because I shamelessly post countless photos of my beloved cats, many of which depict them outside with me, I'm often asked how I'm able to let them experience the outdoors in a way that's safe for them and for wildlife. In today's episode, I share my experience and emphasize that it's a custom decision based on situation, location, and individual cat. Thank you to all of the listener supporters and to The American Anti-Vivisection Society for making this podcast possible. Your support changes lives.


At Colleen's Soundcloud page, you can enjoy bite-size audio messages, callers asking "What Would Colleen Do?, KQED radio editorials, and full Food for Thought podcast episodes. Listen below, or visit her Soundcloud page to listen, comment, and "follow" her to receive alerts about new content!

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