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Meet Colleen in London - November 1, 2014

Join Colleen on November 1st (World Vegan Day!) for London Vegan Drinks, organized by Fat Gay Vegan! Details about where and what time to follow, but mark your calendars. Colleen will be mixing and mingling and selling some of her books! (If you can't view the Facebook event page, information is also at Fat Gay Vegan's website.)


Meet Colleen in Dublin - November 5, 2014

We've collaborated with Vegan Ireland on a Dublin event at Cornucopia on Wednesday November 5th at 8:00 p.m. RSVP right away - details here!


Lecture + Booksigning in Arizona - December 4, 2014

The Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University's Tempe campus is hosting Colleen for a lecture and reception at 4:00 p.m. on December 4, 2014. That evening, she will be speak again at 7:00 p.m. Changing Hands Bookstore Tempe, followed by a booksigning.

Join Colleen on a Caribbean Cruise - March 2015

Cruise the Caribbean with Colleen (and other vegan presenters) from March 14-21, 2015 for the 12th annual Taste of Health/Holistic Holiday at Sea! Colleen will be offering one lecture and three cooking classes, including a very special boot camp!

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What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals Stage 5 - Sorrow And Anger

Continuing our 10 Stages of What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals, today I focus on Stage 5. This is when we are so acutely aware of how large the problem is, of how many animals are suffering, ho

Have you ever felt frustrated, sad, or angry about the plight of animals in the world? You're not alone. Check out the new Food for Thought podcast episode and find out how to wield anger in order to be an effective advocate and a joyful vegan.

Momma Ella and babies Attica and Athena got into our back yard yesterday evening after someone left the gate open. I didn't have the heart to scooch them out. They decimated one of the kale/chard gardens that was at the end of its cycle anyway. Go ahead - call me a sucker. :) I embrace my love for the deer completely. But once they left, I closed the gate. :) #deer #wildlife #wildlifephotography #animals #nature #mothers #whatvegansdonteat

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