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Cruise the Caribbean with Colleen (and other vegan presenters) from March 14-21, 2015 for the 12th annual Taste of Health/Holistic Holiday at Sea! Colleen will be offering one lecture and three cooking classes, including a very special boot camp!

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Tomato Sushi | Sustainable Vegan Tuna

Healthy, meaty sushi without the fish. A natural, eco-friendly alternative to raw tuna, invented by one of America's top chefs.

I love the food disruptors, and I support them. I've had Tomato Sushi, and it's truly amazing. The chef isn't simply looking to sell this as novelty food to vegans; his intention is to have sushi chefs replace tuna with his innovative, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and DE-licious creation. I encourage you to support this campaign like I have!


Good morning from beautiful sun-lit and sun-filled Charlie who is pretending I didn't catch him reading this book. Busted! :) #cute #cats #animals #cat #catsarepeopletoo #crazycatlover #ilovecats #oakland #nature #california


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