Oakland has a history of compassion for animals, as the recent closing of Ringling circus demonstrates.
A number of terms for our anatomy have animals hiding within. Coccyx, cornea, cochlea: these and many more animal-related words reflect how deeply rooted animals are in our consciousness, in our histo...
Put your values to work for the animals.
The experience of being bullied when I was a teenager influenced my animal advocacy.
Check out the newest of my monthly TV segments on Good Day Sacramento, where I toast to the chickens as we dig into eggless meringue cookies.
You don't need chicken's eggs to make meringue! Check out this recipe, as seen on Good Day Sacramento.
Did you know that the word GERRYMANDER is an animalogy? It's a combo of Gerry + Salamander.
Did you know that the word ARCTIC is an animalogy? It comes from the root word for "BEAR."
The fate of the tragic figure is predestined because fate is the manifestation of one's character.
We have a future to write—for the animals near and the animals far. For the human and the non-human animals. And I intend to write it. Will you join me?
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