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I'm so proud to have been contributing to KQED Radio for 11 years. My very first editorial was about having a turkey-free Thanksgiving, reminding listeners that 45 million turkeys are killed just for this one day. Eleven years later the same time of year, I return again to having a turkey-free Thanksgiving, reminding listeners that we don't have to choose between honoring tradition and adhering to our values.

Read the transcript and / or listen to the 2-minute piece at KQED Radio, and please add a friendly comment or two.


"Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says give the turkeys a break and prepare a vegan menu this Thanksgiving." This was my very first NPR/KQED radio editorial in 2003, and I've been contributing every since. Take a listen. (The photo featured in the Soundcloud file was also taken a decade ago!)


My dear friend Ben Strothmann of Big Fat Vegan Radio created this beautiful video from my Prayer for Humans (printable PDF) using my favorite animal photos and music by Gosta Berling. I'm honored that so many people say this prayer on Thanksgiving, but of course it is a wish and prayer for every day. Subscribe to Colleen's YouTube channel!


Excited to share my trip to London with all of you, including my meals at vegan (and non-vegan) restaurants, my visits to animal memorials, and everything in between. I'm also including some questions from callers about the sustainability of salmon, how to buy a car without leather seats, and if it's okay to not pay for non-vegan food when dining with non-vegans. This and more in this week's episode of Food for Thought.


Truth be told, David and I could have easily left for home on Friday, as everyone else from the conference did, but we had decided to stay a day after the conference to tour about. In the end, we just enjoyed a quiet last day walking around, reading, and shopping for holiday gifts for friends and family.

We ate breakfast at Cornucopia – our last meal at this vegetarian stronghold, which is celebrating its 29-year anniversary! And people think vegetarianism is new to Ireland! Pshaw! David had a traditional Irish breakfast of mushrooms, beans, toast, and homemade (vegan) sausage, while I enjoyed a tofu scramble with the same said toast and sausage. We also enjoyed one of their delicious scones and muffins and some Green & Black hot chocolate with almond milk.

Fueled up to brave the chilly day, we took to the shops and found some lovely gifts for friends and family and spent a good hour in Hodges Figgis, one of the many bookstores in Dublin and my favorite thus far: four floors of bookshelves while still...


Prior to leaving the States, I had already connected with Sandra Higgins, and co-founder of Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ireland – just about an hour’s drive from Dublin. She invited me to visit her sanctuary, which is not open to the public. By the time Thursday rolled around, I was eager to leave the city and connect with some non-human animals.

Had I known the sanctuary was so close to Newgrange, I may have arranged to get up there earlier to have a look around this ancient burial site (dating from 3,200 B.C.E.!!), but as it was, I had time only to enjoy a tour of the sanctuary led by Sandra herself, meet the rescued animals, and eat a delicious, homemade lunch. I’ll talk about the sweet hens, gorgeous roosters, and lucky ducks in more depth in my Food for Thought podcast, but despite the cold, rainy weather, it was a lovely day. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing people doing what they were...


For the first time on the trip, I did nothing – sorta. I walked around a few hitherto unchartered-by-me Dublin territories, then settled into a cozy pub to write and read. The Library Bar is located upstairs from the Central Hotel in the Grafton St. area, boasting a comfy parlor design. With high-back cushioned wing chairs, a warming fireplace, free wireless, and a full bar (including tea and coffee), you can easily wile away a few hours here without noticing.

At around 4:00, I met up with one of my husband’s co-workers and showed him around Grafton Street and Trinity College campus, remembering with fondness the amazing library and Book of Kells, which David and I had seen a few years before.

Next, it was off to get ready for that night’s event at...

2014-11-06 21.05.36.jpg

And on the 11th day, they returned home. We've had an incredible time in London, Northern Ireland, and Dublin, but alas, it's time to come home. In subsequent blog posts and in the next Food for Thought podcast, I'll elaborate on my trip, including time spent with fellow advocates here in Dublin as well as at a nearby farmed animal sanctuary.

Right now, however, all I can think about is getting home to my kitties, Charlie and Michiko. Our friends who stayed with them kept me updated with stories and photos, and it's so clear how much time, affection, and attention they gave them. There's nothing that feels better than going away knowing your furry babies are in the best hands (next to you), and I'm so grateful to have found that in Adam and Sierra. You can even see Adam demonstrating choosing discomfort over ergonomics because of Charlie's need to lap-sleep.

Because my cats are never left alone when I travel, they're never mad at me when I come home (just when I'm gone), so I envision two furry black and white beans running to the front door when we arrive home...


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