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In the old debate between "cat people" and "dog people", Colleen Patrick-Goudreau thought she had to choose. But no more.


Today's episode concludes a 3-part series on Animals in Film. In Part One, I talked about the history behind the American Humane Association and its “no animals were harmed in the making of this film" disclaimer. In Part Two, we discussed where things have gone wrong on TV and movie sets that lead to the death or injury of animals and why these productions still received the “No Animals Were Harmed” disclaimer from the monitors meant to protect the animals. Today, in Part Three, we address what can be done so that animals ARE NOT harmed on sets and what the public can do to be involved.

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Today's episode is framed around a conversation I had with a non-vegan German (who lives in the U.S.), who was not only doubtful we'd be able to eat while visiting southern Germany (as vegans) but who also lamented that we would be "missing out" on the traditions of this country. I assured him that when you look through the meat-eating lens, you see only meat and when you look through the vegan lens you see options you wouldn't have been looking for otherwise. I assured him we'd be fine. I assured him there are higher principles than eating animal-based sausage. But I said all that before we left for our trip. Listen to today's podcast episode to see if I was right.

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I'm pretty selective when it comes to cities I love, and Munich is now at the top of my list. I like cities that have the feeling of a large town -- cosmopolitan but charming, versatile yet accessible, urban but clean and as green as possible. I found all of this -- and more -- in Munich.

Of course, I also like my cities vegan-friendly, but truth be told, most cities are. Or put it this way: there's a greater likelihood that you'll find vegan restaurants and vegan options in non-vegan restaurants in a city rather than in a small town. And Munich delivered.

What I appreciated about what we experienced was the range of options, the variety of vegan (and vegetarian) restaurants. They didn't feel novel; they felt intentional, and each one was as different as the next.

As we were in Munich for only a few days, we couldn't possibly eat more than we did, but we'll be back to try the many others. We chose the ones we did based on our own tastes and predilections but also on what part of the city we were in at any given time doing other activities such as...


Celebrate the TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Food for Thought podcast by sitting back and taking in the love letters I've received from listeners and supporters this past year. The stories are as diverse as the listeners and reflect varied ages and backgrounds, but they all share common threads of hope, transformation, and compassion. I hope you are as moved by the letters as I am humbled by them. If you ever once thought that “people don’t change,” then you’re in for quite a treat. And grab some tea or a glass of wine. The episode is just short of 2 hours! Thank you for all your support and love these last 10 years!

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The Christmas-in-Germany festivities have begun. We started off meeting our dear friends Brighde and Seb at Frankfurt airport. They flew from Bangkok; we flew from San Francisco, and we began our sleep-deprived first day in Germany stocking up at Veganz, an all-vegan grocery store making its way around Germany, Europe, and soon the U.S. (Watch our LIVE RE-BROADCAST VIDEO BELOW!)

Wondergood is a cafe in the store (that also has a full-size restaurant in Frankfurt), so we filled our bellies with delicious sandwiches, wraps, and pastries -- yes, all vegan.

Holding up after having little sleep (or none in my case) on our 10-hour-long flights, we drive the couple hours to Nuremberg, where we slept a little and showered ready to take on their famous Christmas Market, where we drank some delicious Glühwein (mulled / spiced wine), ate some freshly roasted chestnuts, had Jack Frost nipping out our toes, AND even had homemade GINGERBREAD (YES, vegan - duh!),

So far, we're having a wonderful time in Bavaria. Yes, there are sausages all over, but it's not a struggle to...


Having experienced all these benefits of getting meat, dairy, and eggs out of our lives and having found our own voice, it's natural to next ask “Where do I fit into this whole thing?” “How can I help?” “What skills do I have that I can use to be part of the solution?” What's my contribution?” Finally, we can relax into this compassionate and healthy way of living and adapt fully and joyfully into a non-vegan world. This episode wraps up our 10 Stages of What Happens When you Stop Eating Animals.

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When confronted by the ethical considerations of leather, many people exclaim that it is a mere by-product of the meat industry and is thus absolved of culpability. Here's some food for thought to help you form your own point of view.


Every one of us has had to manage what to do when uninvited guests take up residence in our attics, walls, or basements. Sadly, we're too quick to consider them "pests" and take lethal measures to get rid of them. But even when we want to take compassionate action, we may be deceived or making it worse for the animal. Listen to this important episode about how to change our perception and behavior and still humanely deal with rats, squirrels, raccoons, and even cockroaches.

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Her parents' marriage wasn't one to emulate, so Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and her husband succeed by practicing skills they lacked.

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