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A new vegan recently asked me “How is my NOT eating any of this — meat, dairy, eggs — really making a difference in the big scheme if 98% of the people on the planet don't know or care?” Even though he is committed to staying vegan, he asks a question that I hear a lot.

I responded by saying that the more consumer demand there is for vegan options, restaurants, and products, eventually fewer animals will be brought into this world only to be killed. I said also that I do think we influence each other by virtue of leading my example. Being the vegan in the room may inspire someone to ask questions about it, to explore, and to try it themselves. That has an impact. When we speak our truth, we give someone else permission to speak theirs.

But ultimately, the truth is we cannot measure exactly how our actions affect something as large in scope as animal agriculture. But in the end, ethics can’t be quantified. They’re not a math problem to solve. Even when we can't tangibly see exactly how our actions make a difference, sometimes it's enough to do something just because...


Contemplation. Peace. Soundness of Mind. Lightness. Those are my intentions for the day. Whatever yours are, may you create them.


The problem isn’t that we wake up in the morning wanting to contribute to cruelty or violence. The problem is that we don’t wake up in the morning wanting to create more compassion, peace, and nonviolence. If that were on our to-do list every day, imagine what we could accomplish. Imagine what our world would be like.


It was well worth waking up at 4:30 a.m. today to get ready to welcome Melissa Cabral of Good Day Sacramento into my kitchen. (Check out the first blog post about Melissa and Sean taking The 30-Day Vegan Challenge.)


We are OF this Earth not just ON it. We are ONE of the animals - not separate from or better than them. When we harm animals, we harm ourselves. We are all connected.


In my cookbook Color Me ‪Vegan, I talk about the fact that choosing colors as the guide for our meals is the easiest (and most pleasurable) way to eat as nutrient-dense as possible. I live by what I preach. This salad is filled with my favorite foods: avocado, arugula, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, chickpeas -- and topped with a balsamic vinaigrette. It's one of the salads in my regular rotation depending on what I get from the farmer's market. What are your favorite salads? 😀


1. Mom is doing better than I feared but still in need of additional support.

2. Her boyfriend is amazing. I knew that, but I know it even more now.

3. Because it's hard for Mom to communicate her thoughts well, I often have to guess what she's trying to say from bits and pieces, and I do pretty darn well. She just said "you always know what I'm trying to say." :)

4. There's a reason I don't have TV. (Mom is a TV watcher, and holy moly there's a lot of crapola on this thing.)

5. Humidity in May in NJ. I forgot. God I love California.

6. People have no idea how pretty this part of NJ is. It's been lovely driving around here again.

7. Humidity in May in NJ. I forgot. God I love California.

8. I love running in the cool evenings in NJ. Watchung Lake has the cutest geese.

9. So grateful to my wonderful assistant holding down the fort in CA so I can take care of things here.

10. Humidity in May in NJ. I forgot. :)


A beautiful Mother's Day with my wonderful in-laws, fabulous husband, and beautiful mom and her beloved. An all-vegan brunch of pasta and veggies, salad and miso ginger dressing, crepes w/ cream cheese, hummus & crostini, chocolate hazelnut spread, and blueberry compote. Stuffed and ready for a run.


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