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Turkey Hug

My very first turkey hug many years ago. Her name was Lydia, and I've never forgotten her. If everyone could meet a turkey, they'd realize what wonderful creatures they are - full of spunk and affection and curiosity. I'm so grateful for the non-human animals of this world who have taught me to be a better human.

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For the past 15 years, we've celebrated almost every Thanksgiving dinner with our dear friends John and Randy. Sometimes they host, sometimes we host, but we all pitch in to cook and bake. Recently, John and Randy moved up to the country (Sebastopol) from Oakland and christened their new home by hosting the dinner. John's lovely mom, whom we've met several times over the years, was visiting from Texas, and a half-dozen other friends of theirs joined us.

Everyone made a dish (all vegan, of course), and, after first gorging on delicious cheeses from Miyoko's Creamery, we stuffed our bellies full of:

*tofu roast (a gorgeous concoction our mutual friend David whipped up)

*roasted pumpkins stuffed with harvest vegetables in a curry sauce (from The Millennium Cookbook)

*bread stuffing with nuts & dried fruit (from my book, The Vegan Table)



I'm so proud to have been contributing to KQED Radio for 11 years. My very first editorial was about having a turkey-free Thanksgiving, reminding listeners that 45 million turkeys are killed just for this one day. Eleven years later the same time of year, I return again to having a turkey-free Thanksgiving, reminding listeners that we don't have to choose between honoring tradition and adhering to our values.

Read the transcript and / or listen to the 2-minute piece at KQED Radio, and please add a friendly comment or two.


"Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says give the turkeys a break and prepare a vegan menu this Thanksgiving." This was my very first NPR/KQED radio editorial in 2003, and I've been contributing every since. Take a listen. (The photo featured in the Soundcloud file was also taken a decade ago!)



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